Materials & manufacturing:   

 *  The space for your protege to relax is filled tightly and opulently. From viscoelastic to washable anallergenic

     fillings only the best and finest materials are being used.

 *  Fillings and covers can be combined fulfilling your every wish, suiting the needs and sleeping habits of your

     beloved companion.


flamboyant washabel pillow
extravagently cushion ticks with high-quality batting
oval opulent battings
washabel best materials

framework canopy bed transportable pure Luxus
aluminium-frame * without cover * batting

 *  With a lovingly attention to detail we generously use abundant quantities of only the finest materials for lining,

     crimpling, quilling, gathering, pleating...

out of the ordinary exklusiv
CozyLaceElegance * Canopy bed mad of Velvet with lace * seen from the back
nobel ambience extravagant glamourös
we only use first-class materials * also fabrics made lace



 *  Premium fabrics like Haute-Couture fabrics, linen, velvet and silk are being washed before tailoring and further

     processing. If desired the care products can even be specified by our customers.

 *  Detailed information on the materials used will be provided with the delivered item or in advance if requested.


persönliche Anfertigung Hochzeitsbetten Bett für Hund Katze Gepard Feier Festivität Luxus
Herstellung der Krone des Himmelbettes nach Kundenwunsch * RedRosesElegance (Concetta, italienische Modedesignerin)


The Couture samples found in our photo gallery have been realized with great effort by our Jophs team. Our designers and tailors have successfully taken on the challenge to create these  *Jophs Sleep Couture* models to turn our

customer's imagination into reality.





     Deutsche Manufaktur        Samt- und Seidenstadt                      Krefeld


         Seidensticker *  Krefelder Denkmal - Maler Nguyen
Seidensticker * Krefelder Denkmal - Maler Nguyen