Let yourself be surprised with a new passion for couture for your pet.

Each *Sleep Couture* model is one of a kind.


 Jophs represents your demand for a personalized living ambiance together with the realization of an unsurpassable sleeping experience for your beloved pet. Graceful opulence, impressive magnificent grace and elegance will enrich your home with this Jophs Sleep Couture canopy bed.  


Inevitably the world has developed a trend for ever faster living. A constant fast-paced lifestyle rarely leaves us time to rest. At least we can present our pets with the joy of a sleeping arrangement that is cave-like and therefore adequate to their natural instincts. Surrounded by beautiful fabric your pet has a chance to retire whilst still being close to you at all times.








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The philosophy that motivates Jophs Sleep Couture: 

It is our goal to fulfill every customer´s personal couture desire, making them as happy with our Sleep Couture as we ourselves are when creating it. Every model challenges our Team demanding precision and accuracy which for us is the reason to enjoy our Task every day. Please contact us in order to design your very own Sleep Couture for your darling pet that fits right in with your existing living ambiance.